Pro-Bot Videos

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Due to file type, I upload it to youtube.



Drawing with No Pen:  Paper with Sensors

Drawing With Pen: Paper Sensor

Drawing with Bluetooth:





Pro-Bot Actual Drawing

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Pro-Bot Actual Drawing

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The Propose drawing was impractical to implement with sensors so we decided to draw a basic geometric figure.


Pro-Bot Build Progress

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Pro-Bot Assembly Robot.

Java Simulation of Propose Image

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The simulation of the propose image in Java:

Processing Project ( Proposal Image)

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We have decided to create the following image as the image to be drawn by the robot and here how it will look in Processing.


void setup(){
size(500, 500);

void draw(){
int dimrec = 350;
float c = random(255);
for(int i =0; i<5; i++)
rect(width/2,height/2, dimrec, dimrec);


rect(0,0, dimrec,dimrec);
dimrec = dimrec – 25;

//Letter “F” From FAU
rect(width/2-40,height/2, 12, 50);
rect(width/2-25,height/2-19, 15, 12);
rect(width/2-28,height/2,10, 12);

//Letter “A” From FAU
rect(width/2-8,height/2, 12, 50);
rect(width/2+13,height/2, 12, 50);
rect(width/2+3,height/2-19,7, 12);
rect(width/2+3,height/2,7, 12);

//Letter “U” From FAU
rect(width/2+29,height/2, 12, 50);
rect(width/2+50,height/2, 12, 50);
rect(width/2+40,height/2+19,7, 12);


The Chess Autonomous Robot Big Picture

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The idea for the automated chess game is the same as in the picture above but to able to do it in such a way that is affordable, simple for Middle and High school robotics club to manipulate the system.  We are developing the base for the project and in the following semester we are to implement the whole system by integrating hardware and software.